General Consulting

General Consulting

GovSites offers general municipal consulting services for technology as part of our management packages. This is an interesting aspect of our business that grew out of a need for independent review of municipal purchases and decisions. In the past, we often found ourselves copied on emails that aren't necessarily related to our business, yet we were able to provide insight to help in the decision-making process. 

While we are not experts in every level of technology, nor are we always able to implement all requests, we are always happy to consult with our clients. We have the unique opportunity to have a close working relationship with multiple municipalities and learn from the choices that they make. There are often "Out of the box" ways to achieve a particular end result that does not necessarily conform to the traditional way of thinking. 

An example of our consulting was when one of our clients wanted to give residents the ability to register and pay for recreation programs online while creating a database of users for each sport. They received multiple quotes from companies who have large systems in place to perform this exact task, however, the cost was significantly more than the municipality was prepared to spend. GovSites was able to modify an existing form system to meet their exact goals at a fraction of the cost proposed by other companies. 

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