Website Management

Never log into your municipal website again!  

GovSites management service provides webmaster services at a fraction of the full employee time cost. This means that an email to GovSites will get your website updated to the correct place on the website with a full chain of accountability. 

Most update requests that are received by 4pm Monday - Friday will be updated same day before Midnight.  This means that urgent requests such as emergency updates, calendar changes, newsfeed updates, posting of documents, and error corrections will get onto the site quickly. Certain updates may take additional time, including page additions, menu redesigns, section creation, or any documents that require reformatting or conversions, but municipal staff can easily track requests using our online system.

With GovSites Management, there is never a need to log into the municipal website and staff will not need to learn a new content management system. The website will continue to grow and evolve with the community. Additionally, GovSites will monitor the way that users are interacting with the website, including commonly accessed pages and paths used to access certain information. This will allow us to move information to new areas of the site or change the navigation structure to provide the best end-user experience. 

GovSites includes all management as part of our monthly service agreement / Management Package.  

Unlimited Updates - Period

GovSites provides true webmaster services; offering same day updates on most requests M-F . There is never a need to log into your website to perform updates, corrections, changes, or upload documents. A single email to GovSites will ensure that everything gets into the correct place on the site. This includes calendars, flyers minutes, budgets, agendas, news, emergency alerts, and anything else that needs updating on your site.  


We work to ensure that your site meets federal ADA section 508 compliance. In addition, we continue to work with you to make sure that we stay up to date for both federal and state of New Jersey best practices in website  guidelines. Anyone can build a site that meets the  requirements - we help to keep it that way. 

On-Site Presence

GovSites is a NJ based company and will only work with local municipalities. This allows us to have an on-site presence for meetings during the build process and continue to meet with local officials throughout the duration of the contract to ensure that all goals are being met. 

Honest Pricing
There are no hidden fees for management or website development. We clearly outline all charges on our pricing  pages well as detail all extra options on the additional services page. With the exception of 24/7 updates, everything on this page is included with no extra charges.
Continuous Website Design
Once your site is launched, we don’t stop working.. As a company that provides webmaster services with our management, you will receive a dedicated webmaster to continue basic design changes for the duration of the contract. This includes the addition of pages, changing of menu items or structure, addition of modules such as opinion polls, video streaming, and integration of any new third party service added by the municipality. If new modules or software incur additional cost, we will simply pass through the actual cost to develop with no markup.
Support Ticket Tracking 
As soon as a new request is received through our email system, the requester will automatically receive a ticket number that can be used to check on the status of request. Once the request is fulfilled, they are automatically notified so that they can check to make sure that it is completed to their satisfaction. 
Emergency Service Available
For a nominal additional fee, GovSites provides 24/7/365 management services during a declared state of emergency. Simply alert us during regular business hours and we will be available during your emergency. Alternately, GovSites makes emergency alert modules accessible to municipal staff  and will provide training at no additional charge. 
GovSites uses a standardized system for updating websites that will make the content consistent across all pages. By limiting access to a single management company, erroneous information is reduced by avoiding unnecessary or unauthorized changes to the website.