Website Design & Development

Designing the Site

GovSites has developed a design that meets the content requirements of most municipalities. Although the structural layout is standardized, most content remains customizable within the design.  During the design consultations, we discuss photographs, colors, and the site features. If our municipal site design doesn't meet the needs of your community, we offer completely customized designs. 


Building the Site

Following the design consultation, GovSites will begin work on transitioning all of the content from the current website to the new design. This includes all page content, department information, photographs and, if requested, all archive website announcements. Minutes, agendas, budgets, and other relevant documents must be provided to GovSites on a supplied USB drive to ensure proper organization on website.


Launching the Site

After the delivery of necessary documents and updated website information (if required), the website design will take approximately 2-4 months to complete. The time to complete is dependent on a smooth approval process for website content and the assistance of Borough departments to provide required information. Throughout the design process, you will be provided with frequent updates and access to design proofs. GovSites may require additional time for changes, additional requests, and testing. Pricing includes a pre-design meeting as well as a deployment meeting to discuss the update process.