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Modern municipal website
The demo site above is our newest design for 2018. Nearly every aspect of this extremely versatile layout can be customized, including layout, colors, structure, and functionality. 

At this time, we have a small scale build to showcase this sample but the design yields itself to easy navigation as content grows.
Modern municipal website
The demo site above was also released in early 2018. Don't let the highly visual design fool you. This layout can handle hundreds of pages of text, thousands of documents, and everything that you need to effectively manage a municipal website while keeping the modern, visual design. 

At this time, we have a small scale build to showcase this sample but the design can easily support a large-scale municipal website. 
Modern municipal website
Content is king with the design above. Residents can easily access relevant information that is displayed in an intuitive navigational structure. This reduces the amount of time spent searching for documents or information. 

This website's layout is perfect for municipalities that have a lot of information to display and want the ability to easily add new features into the core design after the site launches. 

A Wide Variety

GovSites offers a wide variety of designs to choose from to meet the needs of municipalities, emergency services, and all local government agencies.
Modern municipal website
This full-frame, modern website, is great for police, fire, and other emergency services within the municipality. It is also an option for a small town website. GovSites offers complete management for all websites, including department websites and intranet. 
Modern municipal website
The modern layout above is a mix of a traditional government website and business style layout. It is a great option for municipalities who want to showcase their amenities to residents, visitors, and businesses. We selected this design with beach towns, lake communities, and industrial cities in mind.
Modern municipal website
A variation of the Montvale website displayed above, this layout has capitalized on the ability to make custom modifications to the design. During the testing phase, may site features were added and modified. We are always happy to customize a layout based on your specific requests or the needs of your residents.

Just a starting place

Our current designs are just a starting place. We will customize your layout based on the specific needs of your community.
Modern municipal website
Although currently being used to showcase a local municipal utility authority, the design above is highly versatile. We can adapt the layout to support a small to medium municipal website, police website, or housing authority. The design and features can be modified and the site will support the growth of content over time.
Modern government website
Looking for a website that requires an attention-grabbing layout without a lot of text? This design is perfect for you. It's bold, the graphic layout makes it perfect for connecting with millennials and younger. It is perfect for recreation websites, municipal campaigns, and civic organizations. 
Modern municipal website
Designed with a layout similar to the municipal utilities authority website, this recreation site is highlly versitle and is designed to grow with the needs of the department. The layout can be customized to include additional features and variations to the navigational structure. 

Fully Custom Layouts

If your design portfolio doesn't meet your needs, just let us know! We offer fully custom designs and many more layouts to choose from.
Modern government website

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