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What is Management?

Simply put - Management is your complete municipal webmaster solution. In most municipalities, there isn't a single person whose job description is simply "webmaster". It often falls on the shoulders of different people or is the secondary responsibility of the clerk, administrator, or IT department. For many years, this worked, but as municipal websites become the go-to source of information for residents, they are demanding more. 

At GovSites, we are a single source to gather, convert, distribute and archive municipal website information. 

Unlimited Content Updates

With GovSites, we are a single channel for all municipal communications. Information is sent directly to GovSites or through a website coordinator within the municipality. We then review the content, perform necessary conversions, schedule the information to publish at an appropriate time, distribute the info across all of our managed channels, and archive the content when it is no longer relevant.

In most cases, website updates are completed same-day. 

Ongoing Builds

In addition to performing content updates, GovSites management includes the option to continue the site build long after the launch. This means that new pages, sections, features, and navigation structures can be added to your site at any time. 

Gone are the days of adding content in the "best available place". If it doesn't fit perfectly in an existing part of your website, we will keep building the site. 

Compliance Checks

At GovSites, we perform compliance checks before posting information and all websites are built with Section 508 compliance in mind. We work hard to keep information accessible to all residents, regardless of disabilities. This includes document conversion, image tagging, and adherence to Section 508 requirements. In addition to proactive requirement checks, we make it easy for anyone with difficulty accessing information to report it for prompt remediation. 

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